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To increase your health, life, body and soul, healing meditation works as a healing process differently than traditional medicine does. Being able to concentrate on a certain problem and thinking yourself better, is the essence of healing meditation.

The benefits you receive from healing meditation are practical and useful, and unlike anything that you have attempted in the past. Preventing sickness and having a healthier life is what you get when you practice healing meditation on a regular basis.

Not only does healing meditation work for the body, it also helps the spirit too. The more that you mediate, the more you will come to understand that your physical body houses a spiritual being.

To practice, a good way is to be sure that you feel serene, sit in a comfortable position, keep your breathing even, and start to meditate. Begin by breathing in deeply through your nose, and close your eyes. When you are breathing in, make sure that you believe your body has the ability to heal, and that the air is moving throughout your body.

See the anxiety, pains and aches leave your body, as you exhale out of your mouth slowly. Your body will start to feel as if it is going into a deep relaxing state as you repeat the process.

When you inhale, see the air that is going in your body as something that is giving you love, kindness, empathy, or anything that is positive. Let it envelop your spirit, mind, and body.

As you exhale, imagine all of the hurt, anger, resentment, fear, anxiety, and any other bad feelings getting out of your body, and moving far away from you. Breathe in the good and exhale the bad.

Healing meditation makes your body better, calms your mind, and makes your body feel more energized. Everyone can use this to make their lives better. Healing meditation has been said to rejuvenate all of the cells in your body, and can cure arthritis, allergies, or any disease or ailment that you may have, by getting down to the muscle fibers. Healing meditation also makes your immune system stronger, which is an integral part of our bodies that keep us from getting sick. Practicing healing meditation allows us to prevent sickness.

By making an inner peace inside of you, you can heal yourself or avoid getting sick, even though it is not a traditional way to heal oneself.

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Posted on Nov 22, 2012

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